Welcome to pipaOS.
A compact Raspian based distribution
for the Raspberry Pi board computer.

pipaOS comes with the following features:

* Fully functional Linux system based on latest Raspbian ArmHF distro *
* Runs the official Raspberry PI kernel version 3.12.18 *
* Compact size dual versions fit in 512MB/1GB cards *
* Built-in support for most popular wireless usb dongles *
* Fast: login screen in 10 seconds, online wireless association in 20 seconds *
* Network time synchronization built-in using public NTP servers *.
* System customization support: Just plug the SD-card and edit a text configuration file.
* System administrators can chroot into the card from a Linux Intel system, QEMU static emulator included *
* Power failure tolerant: Uses ext4 non-journal file system *
* Automatic open wireless association builtin: just plug in a usb dongle and get connected *
* Secure shell server ready, sysop user with root privileves available to login with password or RSA key *
* USB tethering ready: Connect the Android/iPhone phone and get pipaOS networked *
* Support for FM radio transmission built-in *
* Python 2.7.3 ready *
* Python GPIO libraries *
* HostAP ready, turn your RaspberryPI into a Wireless Access Point *
* Comes with dnsmask so you can turn it into a lightweight DHCP server *

* next release: Empty expandable 512MB data partition separate from the OS, located at the end of the disk *
* next release: Bottup splash screen with load progress *

pipaOS is released under the GPLv2 license.
latest version 2.6 - May 2014:
pipaOS 512MB - rootfs 294MB, 96MB free
pipaOS 1GB - rootfs 880MB, 465MB free

February 2015 - RaspberryPI 2 Jessie support
pipaOS 3.2 Debian Jessie 2GB
rootfs 1.8GB, 1.2GB free
March 2015 - RaspberryPI 2 Wheezy support
pipaOS 3.3 Debian Wheezy PI2 2GB
rootfs 1.8GB, 1.2GB free
May 2015 - pipaOS GUI version runs Fluxbox!
pipaOS 3.5 Debian Wheezy XGUI 3GB
rootfs 3.2GB, 2.4GB free

March 2016 - pipaOS Jessie, 4.1.18 kernel
pipaOS 4.5 Debian Jessie Console 2GB
rootfs 1.8GB, 1.1GB free
pipaOS 4.5 Debian Jessie XGUI 2GB
rootfs 1.8GB, 900MB free

May 2016 - pipaOS Jessie, 4.4.9+ kernel
pipaOS 4.6 Debian Jessie Console 2GB
rootfs 1.8GB, 1.1GB free
pipaOS 4.6 Debian Jessie XGUI 2GB
rootfs 1.8GB, 900MB free

Login credentials - username sysop password posys
On the XGUI version execute startx at the shell prompt.