A lighweight, fast, Raspbian based distro
for the Raspberry PI


pipaOS is a Raspbian based distro containing the minimal software to get the PI up and running. It is useful for scratch hardware projects, headless, or GUI based, more complex setups, that you expand as you need.

In addition to that, the pipaOS Debian repository contains additional software from a variety of sources.

It is completely free to use, automated builds are available every day at 9:10am UTC.

A minimal chroot file system is available with QEMU static emulator, useful to build software on the cloud for the Raspberry PI.



Download the daily build image or one of the stable versions.

A compressed chroot is also built every day.

Unzip the file and use any of the many available burners, or a simple dd command. It should fit on most 2GB sdcards, but 4GB or higher is recommended.

Once you boot it on the PI, login as user sysop and password posys.


pipaOS is free open source software. If you want to contribute, report bugs or request new features, head over to Github and fork it, create a ticket, or drop me an email.